JKBOSE refutes news regarding refusal to accept class 10th exam forms from private schools

SRINAGAR:  This is with reference the News item published in the daily newspaper, Greater Kashmir, captioned “JKBOSE REFUSES EXAM FORMS, FUTURE OF THOUSAND OF STUDENTS IN PERIL” wherein it has been alleged that JKBOSE has refused to accept the class 10th examination forms from students enrolled in private schools established on state land.

The news article published in Greater Kashmir, seems to disseminate information that private schools are being denied registration which is untrue and without any basis. We would like to clarify that this information is inaccurate and misleading.

Contrary to the claims made in the article, there has been no denial of registration to private schools or for registration of students for appearing in the examination in our jurisdiction. The registration process for private schools is conducted transparently and in accordance with the established guidelines and regulations. We are committed to fostering a positive and conducive environment for education, and any suggestion of denying registration to private schools or for registration of students for appearing in the examination goes against the laid down rules.

However, it is also clarified that there are certain modalities, as per the established law, which are to be adhered to by the School authorities before granting registration/ extension of registration and one such modality was brought into force by virtue of S.O. 177 of 2022 which require the school authorities to furnish a certificate regarding land title or lease deed, as the case may be, upon which the school is established. The S.O. also provide for de-recognizing the school and taking over the management of the schools which fail to produce the land title certificate.

Aggrieved with the provisions of S.O. 177 of 2022, various school authorities filed different writ petitions before the High Court of J&K and Ladakh. The  Court in these matters has passed different directions including order to maintain the status quo.

It is also notable to mention here that the issue regarding registrations of students was also raised by certain schools last year i.e., in the year 2022 and in order to protect and save interest and career of children, School Education Department filed a Civil Miscellaneous Petition before the High Court praying for tagging of students to the nearest school, pending final consideration of the writ petitions, for allowing the candidates to appear in the exams, so that their academic career is not compromised. The High Court was pleased enough to allow tagging of students to the nearest schools and accordingly the candidates who were facing the issue were allowed to sit in the examination. The operative part of the order passed by the Hon’ble High Court of J&K and Ladakh in CM No. 6981/ 2022 in WP (C) No. 1465/ 2022 is reproduced herein below:-

“… Mr. Z.A. Qureshi, would fairly submit that without prejudice to the grievances projected in the petition as also the rights and interests available to the petitioner-institution inasmuch as the interim order passed by this court, the non-applicant petitioner institution will not stand in the way of the students if they have been tagged with other Educational Institutions by the applicants/ official respondents herein for enabling them to appear in the ensuing examination of 10th, 11thand 12th classes.”

The same issue is being raised again this year and the Department is serious enough to ensure that no compromise is made with the academic career of the children and it will be ensured that no student is left out for appearing in the examination for want of Registration Return Form Facility to the concerned school keeping into consideration the Rule of Law and the directions passed by the High Court in this regard.

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