NIT Srinagar committed to achieve 100% Rajbhasha compliance: Director

Srinagar : Director National Institute of Technology (NIT) Prof. Sudhakar Yedla on Thursday affirmed that the institute is committed to achieve 100% Rajbhasha compliance.
Addressing the day-long workshop on ‘Implementation of Official Language’ organised by Rajbhasha Cell for Ministerial, teaching staff, Prof. Yeda highlighted institute’s commitment to promoting the use of Rajbhasha on the campus.
The Director outlined the steps being taken to ensure complete compliance, including focused initiatives to encourage the use of Rajbhasha in official communications, documentation, and day-to-day operations within the institute.
He appreciated efforts of Rajbhasha Cell and stated that the workshop was aimed to enhance implementation of official language in administrative functions.
He extended gratitude to resource person Jagdish Ram Pauri from the Ministry of Education. His unwavering support has been instrumental in achieving the targets set by the Parliamentary Committee to ensure a progressive increase in usage of Rajbhasha within the campus, Prof. Yedla said
“The workshop served as a platform to recognize and encourage ongoing initiatives that contribute to the effective implementation of Hindi as a language in the administrative setup,” he said.
Jagdish Ram Pauri, Joint Director, Department of Rajbhasha Cell, Ministry of Education was the main resource person for the workshop.
The virtual event was presided over by Director NIT Srinagar, Prof. Sudhakar Yedla while In-charge Registrar Prof. Attikur Rehman was the Guest of Honor on the occasion.
In his key address, Jagdish Ram Pauri shed light on the brief history of the Rajbasha and emphasized its pivotal role in the cultural fabric of India.
He lauded the central government’s initiatives to promote the usage and dissemination of Hindi as Rajbhasha while maintaining a commitment to acknowledging and supporting linguistic diversity across the nation.
Pauri underscored a landmark moment in history, noting that on September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly officially adopted Hindi in the Devanagari script as the official language of the Indian Union.
“Hindi serves as the connecting language of the country, spoken by millions and standing as the dominant language of the Indian subcontinent,” he added.
During the workshop, Pauri also spoke about the policies of the union and its implementation. He also lauded NIT Srinagar for their satisfactory improvement in Rajbhasha’s implementation within the campus.
“There is a need for concerted efforts to ensure its effective implementation. Such workshops are pivotal in raising awareness about the official language and rallying support for its continued importance,” Pauri said.
In-charge Registrar Prof. Attikur Rehman, highlighted ongoing initiatives for the implementation of Rajbhasha, stating that significant efforts are being made in this regard.
He said circulars, notices, and general orders from the Institute are now issued in bilingual mode, a key step towards achieving the language implementation targets.
Prof. Rehaman acknowledged the dedicated efforts of Dr. RP Shukla, faculty coordinators, and the entire team of the Rajbhasha Cell for successfully organizing the workshop. He affirmed the NIT administration’s commitment to supporting such programs in the future.
In the opening remarks, Dr. R P Shukla, Hindi Officer (Assistant Professor, Civil Engg) shared insights about the mission of the Rajbhasha Cell and emphasized its dedicated efforts to implement the official language on the campus.
To conclude the workshop, a formal vote of thanks was delivered by Hindi Translator NIT Srinagar, Dr. Sabzar Ahmad Batoo. He expressed gratitude to resource person JR Pauri, Director NIT Srinagar Prof. Yedla, Registrar, teaching, and ministerial staff for attending the workshop.


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